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Euroeco - Comfort and safety for all user.
Washing your hands with your hands free – this is the idea behind the wall-mounted Euroeco mixers. Wall-mounted installation keeps the basin free, and in order to reduce the risk of accidents caused by projecting parts, faucet levers and spouts are available in a choice of lengths.

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Comfort and safety for all users
Because the flow rate can be variably pre-set, the robust metal lever only has to be pushed from left to right (left: cold, right: warm; maximum temperature can be pre-set). This helps control both water consumption and energy costs. To spare users from \"hot\" surprises, the water is always cold when the faucet is first opened.

Exceptional hygiene
A laminar flow prevents bacteria in the air entering the water and the smooth, easy-to-clean surface of the fitting combine to ensure perfectly hygienic water.

Built to last a lifetime
All parts are extremely durable and hardwearing; the swivel spout is, for example, mounted on a particularly stable bearing. Optional S connections with shut-off valve facilitate maintenance